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caseland october fest - criminal minds style

This is my October Fest post for caseland. 100% Criminal Minds :)
(wallpapers, icons, gifs and pic spams... IMAGE HEAVY AND WILL PROBABLY MAKE YOUR COMPUTER EXPLODE, jsyk)

THEME #1 - Favorite Episode
Wallpaper - One of my favorite episodes of Criminal Minds: Demonology.

(click for full size)

THEME #2 - Haunted
Icons - Episodes "The Instinct" and "Memoriam" in which Reid was ~haunted~ by a dead kid from his past.

THEME #3 - Guest Star
Pic Spam - The ever creepy and amazing Tim Curry as ~Prince of Darkness~ Billy Flynn in the amazing season premiere. He was soooo good in this scene. I wanted to hug him, even though he was all gross and filthy and... well, a serial killer who was pointing a gun at innocent people he had tied up while trying to commit suicide by cop Derek Morgan. I love you so much, Tim Curry <3

(click for full size)

My mother used to dance with me.
When I shot her, she looked at me with such... she was, I think, relieved. I think I helped her escape. Was that really true, or did I just imagine it to make killing her easier to live with? Did I help her escape? Did I set her free?

Do you believe in heaven? You think I might see her there? Maybe get a second chance? I'd really like that.

THEME #4 - A 'ship/OTP
Pic Spam - Morgan/Garcia. So people who know me know that I don't ~ship anyone/anyone (with a few rare and admittedly odd exceptions) BUT I'm really close to almost shipping these two. Probably because the show pretty much forces them on you. But also because they are amazing together and LOVE each other and awwww, this scene made me happy <3

(click for full size)

THEME #5 - Your Choice
GIFs - Season 3 bloopers. I love these people <3

gif #2
gif #3
gif #4

THEME #6 - Scary
Icons and GIFs - So Criminal Minds is always scary... soooo I decided to go with the funny halloweeny kind of scary. ILU with your mask, Reid.

gif #2

THEME #7 - Black
Wallpaper - So black means dark in my book... which is why I made a wallpaper of the episode "Lucky". Which was pretty damn dark. I don't think anyone would actually consider using this particular wallpaper because, honestly, who wants to look at a serial killer/cannibal all day... but I still kind of like it :)

(click for full size)

THEME #8 - Costumes
Pic Spam - Emily and Jordan in "52 Pickup". They both looked amazing <3

(click for full size)

THEME #9 - Premiere
Pic Spam - Episode 101, duh.

(click for full size)

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